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    Hindavi Develops Online Bidding Portal for POSCO (Korea)

  • Hindavi Develops India's first Online Investor Exchange -

  • Hindavi Develops India's first Portal dedicated to Mergers & Acquisitions -

  • Hindavi develops the WAP site for Suzlon - Pure Air Lovers Society Campaign (PALS)

  • Hindavi develops e-school app for IITM, Central Govt. of India

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    Hindavi bags a 360 Degree LMS Project from UK

  • Hindavi deploys Critical Alert - A messaging App on i/OS for Hospitals

  • An android application for Book Lovers -

  • Hindavi wins a long term IT Maintenance Contract with a 6.5 Billion USD Telecom Company

  • Hindavi Develops India's First Rating Engine for Education Sector -

Hindavi Technologies
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    • Technology Innovation & Information Engineering R&D
    • Agile Technical Capabilities & Domain Specific Knowledge
    • Benchmarked Business Processes and Client Servicing Models.
    • Competitive Engagement maximizing the client ROI
    • Consultative Approach aligned with Clients' Strategic Intent
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    Case Studies
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    Online Patented Bidding Application
    POSCO, world’s leading steel manufacturer created a platform to revolutionize online bidding in their industry using Hindavi Capabilities.
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    Mobile Website for Cross-platforms
    Suzlon created a mobile website for their PALS (Pure Air Lover’s Society) Campaign partnering with Hindavi Technologies.
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    Web Design Web Development Web Design Web Development Web Design Software Development Software Development Software Development SEO SEO Web Design Web Design
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